About Me

And how I can help

My first profession was as a nurse. At Dutch HBO level (university of applied sciences). Now, years later, I still love to help people at different levels, as a certified Coach. With helping with weight issues. And in the future also with Ayurvedic Medicine (starting January 2023).

Life can be a problematic Labyrinth where there are times you are stuck. No way out of the loop. These times it isn’t a shame to ask for help.

Over 20 years of experience helping clients, friends & colleagues, so I know my stuff.

I have learned over the years, within my coaching practice and personally, that there is only ONE responsible for your life. To make changes so you can live your dream life.

And that person is you!

Limits exist only in the Mind. You need to make your luck!
Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

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