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I am the owner/founder of Holistic Healing & Life Coaching. More about me in the next paragraphs.

As an experienced coach, I know my stuff. I am an open-minded person with over 20 years of experience as a coach who will help you to achieve your goals.

For my daytime job, for many years, I am coaching colleagues. When I was working Quality Control and now for my newest job as a Process & Quality Analyst also. One of the most important characteristics of this job is being able to coach people. Help them become a better employee and in the process maybe even a better person. On the other side it helps me grow also.

Our coaching sessions are not “one size fits all” sessions. No templates will be used, as you and your circumstances are unique, and so should be your coaching.

You will learn tools so you can and you will develop the confidence to take action. We will work towards your goals. I will help you to learn certain tools so you can and you will develop the confidence to take action. Together will work towards your goals. Step-by-step, so your newly learned tools will be settled into your subconscious mind and, over time, you will do them automatically. You have learned new habits. Congratulations!

Positive support, Feedback & Advice is my way of coaching. I will support you, guide you and hold you accountable.

We offer different ways of coaching. When you want the Holistic version, you will be able to add extras of your choice to normal Life Coaching sessions.
Extras like Aura/Chakra Healing Sessions, Crystal Therapy, support with Herbs and Meditations. Our coach has certifications for all these areas, and more. And a lot of experience in these areas.

Next to above we also offer Weight Management. With or without a Holistic approach.

I am looking forward to seeing you at our (coaching) sessions!

About Me
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