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Affiliates Merchandise

What are Affiliates?

Affiliates are, easily explained, programs where an online merchant pays owners from websites a commission when this website sends them traffic. Better, when a sale is made after clicking on a link at the website. After clicking on the link, a cookie is placed on the computer, into which is added a certain amount of time. When the potential buyer comes back to make a sale within this time frame, the website owner earns the commission. Even when the sale is not made the day the visitor clicked on the link.

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Clickbaits, what are that?

There are so-called clickbait sites. These sites have most of the time sensationalized or misleading headlines. To attract clicks. The information in the header is misleading, and the information on the site is often of questionable quality and accuracy. Once you click, the website hosting the link earns revenue from advertisers.

Click baits are used by Websites to attract as many clicks as possible, thus increasing their advertising revenue. The headlines often appeal to emotions and curiosity. To “qualify” as clickbait, there has to be an element of deception. It is a form of unscrupulous marketing and a form of click fraud.

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