Aura and Chakra

What are Aura and Chakras?

An Aura and Chakra are two different items described in alternative health care. Although, more and more traditional healthcare givers now these days start to believe that these exist.


An Aura is a very low level of electricity (electromagnetic field) we, as human beings, radiate. According to ancient medical systems, this energy is expressed in 7 layers. In different colours. These layers are said to correlate to a different part of your physical, mental & spiritual wellbeing, your health.

What do the different Aura colours mean?

Colour interpretations by shamans and practitioners suggest the following:

  • Red: Well-grounded, Energetic, Strong-willed
  • Orange: Adventurous, Thoughtful, Considerate
  • Yellow: Creative, Relaxed, Friendly
  • Green: Social, Communicator, Nurturing
  • Blue: Intuitive, Spiritual, Freethinker
  • Indigo: Curious, Spiritually connected, Gentle
  • Violet: Wise, Intellectual, Independent

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Aura and Chakra
Aura and Chakra


The word “chakra”, in Sanskrit, means “disk” or “wheel”. It refers to the energy centres in our body. They each correspond to certain nerve bundles and to major organs. To function, the Chakras have to be open. Need to stay open. And balanced. When one or more Chakras are closed, blocked, or unbalanced in another way, you may experience physical or emotional symptoms. Symptoms that related to that particular chakra.

There are seven main chakras, they run along the spine. They start at the root, or base, of your spine and extend to the crown of your head. That said, some people believe you have many more Chakras in your body. At least 114 different.

How to heal your Aura and Chakra?

For an Aura healing, we use the term “Cleansing”. Cleansing the Aura helps to heal mental and emotional issues. This can be but is not limited to, mental blocks, addictions and even weight gain.

The term used for the Chakra healing is “Balancing”. Balancing a Chakra helps to heal any issues in the physical body.

You can Balance the Chakras by Cleansing the Aura. Isn’t that miraculous?! Cleansing one thing and balancing the other? Our body, mind & soul are a miracle!

A session rejuvenates you. It’ll help you to remove blocks. Clear you of energies that isn’t yours. Clear stagnant energy. And balance your Chakras.

Both Meditation & a Crystal Healing session helps you to cleanse the Aura and balance the Chakras.

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