Ayurvedic Medicine

Ayurvedic Medicine


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Adapt the pace of nature, her secret is patience

Ralph Waldo Emerson

It is only since the beginning of the Pharmaceutical industry, the discovery of chemical drugs, that ancient therapeutic medicines are called “alternatives”. If you look at it logically, the pharmaceutical industry should be called the alternative way of healing. Not ancient old remedies.

The lies of Big Pharma

Although the discovery of chemical drugs is not the correct way to name them. What happened is that, at that moment not “Big Pharma” yet, people found ways to extract healing components from plants/herbs/spices that were used for centuries to heal.

Herbs, plants, spices etc. are used since the beginning of time to heal and help heal. And even more to stay healthy, to begin with. Nothing alternative there. Chemicals, that are alternative, are not natural at all. And for sure not helping to stay healthy. This industry often only benefits over the back of sick people.

Because it was not possible to patent these plants/herbs/spices etc., they found a chemical that was similar to these parts of the plant. To make the healing parts. Originated from nature, from plants, herbs, spices etc.

Why is that original healing method now called alternative?

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These man-made chemical parts are put into medication. And these chemicals are patented. And this industry became very rich because of these patents. It still does.

Big Pharma doesn’t earn from Health!

Over the years ways were found to give herbs and other very old healing ways a bad name. And there it was. Big Pharma. Instead of healing people, they earn only from sickness. Don’t forget that!

The pharmaceutical industry (BIG PHARMA) doesn’t earn a penny from healthy people. They only earn from sickness. They don’t want you to heal. Their profit will be gone when you heal.

In my opinion, next to the oil industry this is the most corrupt industry we have on earth. Money is their god and they worship it. They don’t care at all for humanity. White, rich males rule the world and these companies. Only to try to find new medication when they (white/rich/male) are also targeted by these bacteria, viruses etc.

Think Ebola, only when white got sick they found something that helped better than the rest of the medication that was found over decades when only coloured people in Africa became a victim of this sickness.

Also, think about sicknesses that only occur in women. Or sicknesses that occur in both men & women. Mainly tested on, guess what!!!?, men. Hardly on women. Although it is common sense, (well… common sense hardly exists anymore) that female hormones react differently to medication than male hormones.

Sickle Cell Anemia, yes there is a way to treat it. Not about how not to get it. Might this be because it occurs almost only in people from, or originated from, the African continent? Coloured people.

COVID-19, vaccinations are still not available all over the world. Why? Because of the patent the rich white companies have. They don’t care about people in poor countries, they only care about the money they earn from the patent.

This will never change… Not as long as many find money more important than humanity.

Pro/Cons Pharmaceutical Medicine

So, am I completely against chemical medication? No, I am not. Sometimes we need to use them. Think of acute circumstances. We only need not forget that these chemicals are not healing. They take away terrible symptoms of diseases. Often create other side effects (for which we need extra/other medication) without taking away the main source of this disease.

That’s why prevention is better than cure!

And, as I said before, Big Pharma doesn’t get a penny from healthy people. They only benefit from the sick. Stay healthy or become healthy again has always been a way of the now-called “alternative” medicine. That is the reason why Chinese doctors only were paid as long as the “patients” stayed healthy.


Among the world’s oldest medical systems is Ayurveda. Ayurveda is also known as “Ayurvedic Medicine”.

It originated in India. This ancient medical science can be traced to around 6000 BCE. It still is the most important way of staying healthy and healing in India. Based on the premise that wellness depends on the balance and peacefulness of mind, heart, body, and spirit. 

Other “Alternative” Medicine

The other 2 mostly used “alternative medicine” are Chinese medicine and American/European herbal medicine (including Native American healing).
Next to that, there are also Acupuncture, Homeopathy & Naturopathy. To name a few.

More info will follow after my graduation.

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