Holistic Health Coaching
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Holistic Health Coaching is coaching in the way of caring for the whole person. Not only the Mind or the Body. No, the whole person meaning the Body, Mind & Spirit.
When you are completely balanced or almost completely balanced, you feel good. Your physical health and your psychological health are good and in balance. Therefore, you can handle what life throws at you. No matter what, you are able to handle the difficulties and challenges. Create Your Best Life!

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Holistic Health Coaching, Create Your Best Life!

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In modern Health Care, there is no prevention from sickness. Like in early China, where you paid your doctor until you got sick. When that happened the payments stopped as he hasn’t done his work correctly.

In the Western world there is no prevention for sickness done by a medical practitioner. It hardly advices to live healthy (and how to do this), no advice which are the best exercises for you to maintain your healthy body. Not before there is a sickness in progress already. In the modern world, everything in Health “Care” is about Big Pharma and selling as much medication as possible to “cure” sicknesses that can be prevented, often by changing your lifestyle.

What is Holistic Health?

Holistic Health is as said (trying to) keep Body, Mind & Spirit in Balance. With the help of honest food and the so-called “Alternative” Health Care Practices. How I can help you are for example with Healthy Food Advice, Learn you Listen to Your Body again, (Life) Coaching & Guided Meditation. To name a few.

As a Certified Holistic Health Coach with certifications also in Life Coaching, Weight Management. Meditation Teacher and many more, I will be able to help you with all kinds of issues, struggles, questions etc.

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Our first consultation intake (30 minutes), via Skype or another online platform, is for free.
As a coach, I will support you but also hold you accountable. You are the only one who can change his life. I support you, but the one who is responsible is you. Therefore, I hold you accountable.

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How to Eat the Holistic Way?

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