Happiness and its Importance

Happiness Defined

The term happiness is used in the context of mental or emotional states, including positive or pleasant emotions, ranging from contentment to intense joy. Source Wikipedia

Happiness is a State of Mind. And it is possible to learn yourself to be Happy.
Although for people who suffer from depression and other mental diseases, it might be very difficult.

And when you, in addition to one or more of the mental diseases, have had a rough life it might seem impossible.
Believe me, I have been there!

It is hard to fight e.g. depression and also trying to be Happy again. Everything is very, very dark around you. And you have no idea how to crawl out.

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When people around you are saying things like “I have a bad day sometimes too” this doesn’t help. Being stuck in a depression is not having a bad day sometimes. It is being in a very dark place every second of the day. EVERY. SECOND. OF. THE. DAY. And Night.

I have started several courses to learn how to be happy. The first one wanted us the students, it was an online course, to get in contact with 5 other students.
Euhmmm. Really? I have a very introverted personality. You don’t ask something like this to an introvert. I left the course, but not before adding an angry comment about why I left. Being depressed and so eager to want to have a course to help me heal and then to have to overcome an issue like this is not something an introvert waits for. Please don’t think it is easy to overcome. As an introvert, it isn’t.

The same day, I was eager to find other courses to learn to be happy again. I found some for free. But all, really all, started with so much extra info without coming to the point a depressed person looking for Happiness wants. A solution. Or at least Tips & Tricks. And almost all of these denied the feeling of being depressed. Saying it is all a State of Mind.

I can not speak for all depressed persons in the world. But I think that many know that Happiness (excluded chemical unbalance in the brains) is indeed a State of Mind. The problem, let’s say challenge, is how to change the State of Mind. I never gave so many 1-Star references as I did this time.

And, when I almost gave up, found this course. Happiness Course: Practical Steps – Create A Fulfilled Life. This course, which is free, acknowledges the pain. And although the first part is also mainly an explanation, the way it is done is so extremely relaxing that the first part of the course (about 1 hour) was gone by before I noticed it.

Note from my side… In the first part of part 1, I was doing in-house fitness (Walk at Home with Leslie this time) while I was listening to the course.

We all know, also the people who live a happy life, that it is impossible to be happy all the time. But as long as Happy times are in abundance compared to unhappy times, you are a happy person indeed.

Why is it important to be Happy?

People who live a Happier life than others have overall better Health. They are able to manage life, and its challenges, much better than unhappy people. Therefore, they have different levels of stress and sadness, which both is caused by unhappiness.

Being more positive, having more energy, results in having Happier people around you and more positive possibilities. In work, personal life etc.

How can Happiness be Attained?

First, you have to be willing to change. As Happiness is really within you, It is a State of Mind you have to be willing to help yourself. First, find, you have to find out if there are things that make you unhappy. Things, or even people, that can be removed directly. When you have done that, get rid of, and this is not easy, rid of negative thoughts.

According to the course Happiness Course: Practical Steps – Create A Fulfilled Life there are 2 reasons, 2 thoughts, of being unhappy. Both are created by your Mind.
The Mind wants or doesn’t want. Which can result in 4 things. Which all 4 make you sad or unhappy.

Being positive, also not easy when you are depressed, is also important when you want to be happy. Positivity, like Happiness, has nothing to do with what you own. It is in the butterfly crossing your path. Smiling back to someone who smiles at you (except when it is a creepy person 😉 ). Saying thank you when receiving help. Offering someone your help.

Try to do small things you like. Little things that make you happy. I am trying to get some plants on my terrace. Pumpkins, tomatoes, herbs and flowers. Next to that, I try to help new colleagues. The feeling of being thrown in deep waters (what happens after the first few training weeks) is awful.

Many colleagues do not want to share their knowledge. Fear that the new colleagues are becoming better than there are. I hate that because I remember how I felt the first week on the work floor.

Therefore, help each other. In small ways. It makes another person happy, and you too! Happiness from helping others 🙂

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