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Medicinal Plants & Healing Herbs

Undoubtedly healing herbs are used by humans for a very long time. A herb can be any part of the flora. This means the roots, bark, leaves. As well as the stems, seeds, flowers, petals and fruits. Also any other part. Besides the use of herbs in the kitchen we clearly can use their healing properties also. Herbs can be healing, help us heal.

They can actually improve your body’s overall wellbeing, both mentally and physically. For thousands of years, herbs have been used in medicinal practices. The knowledge of the healing properties mainly came from Shamans and Wise Women. Ancient doctors. Commonly passed on from mother to daughter. Thousands of years of knowledge that shouldn’t be ignored!

Herbs are natural products with therapeutic properties


In fact, many of our chemical medicines have their origins in plant-based healing. More often than not. Aspirine for example has chemical compounds similar to the bark of willow trees. The bark of willow trees is known to relieve pain.

Ancient manuscripts have been found. In these manuscripts, the use of herbs as medicine is described. Though, they also describe the use of herbs during rituals.

Although many plants have healing properties, surprisingly (or maybe not) the use of herbs is often seen as quackery. In my personal opinion due to the fact that Big Pharma is very powerful.
Big Pharma makes billions off sick people. In contrary to healthy people. They will not earn from them. So what is more important then? For people who love, are addicted to, money? Yes, keep people sick as long as possible.

Some research has been done into herbs. Often by Big Pharma or similar companies, instead of neutral researchers. The outcome is, as it was, most of the time that “there is no proof found that *** herb has healing properties”. Regardless of this, people turn more and more back to nature.

Notwithstanding, more and more people believe in the healing power (or at least support in healing) of herbs. Or by staying healthy. That is the difference between Big Pharma and natural healers. Usually, natural healers try to prevent sickness. Stay healthy with herbs. All the same, Big Pharma need sick people to make an enormous amount of money.

Below you find a small list of herbs that are proven helpful to health issues:

  • Saint John’s Wort as antidepressant
  • Echinacea treat or prevent colds & flu
  • Milk Thistle to treat liver conditions and high cholesterol
  • Chamomile, Garlic, Ginger, Gingko, Ginseng & Valerian

Altogether, herbs help you to stay healthy. Or help you heal. But are not a replacement for traditional healthcare.

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