How to Eat the Holistic Way?

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How to Eat the Holistic Way?

Eat Healthy & Clean

There are a few theories about clean & healthy eating.
In my opinion clean, healthy eating the holistic way is to eat food that the grandparents of your grandparents would have recognized as food. Real food, not processed and for sure not Genetic Manipulated.

Fruit & vegetables they bought from a farmer or farmers stand on a market. And meat from a butcher.

In those earlier times cows, pigs & chickens were walking in meadows or on the streets. No huge farms where they hardly had a place to lay down. No small cages with too many chickens only to press them to lay eggs. No cow and pig stuffed with antibiotics like in these days. Do you think it is healthy to eat food stuffed with antibiotics? Or GMO? Think twice about why it is and about why it isn’t.

Taking food stuffed with antibiotics will do nothing good for your body. These antibiotics enter also your body. Destroying the good bacterias needed in your body for combustion, keeping other dangerous bacteria under control etc. I do not understand that it is still allowed to give animals, bred for the meat & milk, antibiotics so they grow up harder and become bigger. Or give more milk.

Eat lots of biological/organic vegetables and fruits. And when you eat meat, eat organic meat. Eggs from free-running chickens etc. Flora and fauna which have been grown with love and respect for nature & animals.
I am not a vegetarian and I know it is killing animals for meat. I am aware of this. And it is my choice. If you don’t want to eat meat, this is your choice. Let us agree to disagree on this.

It’ll take time to get used to eating clean and healthy. But you can, and your body and mind will be grateful for that. You feel healthier, probably happier and you might lose weight too. Start gradual changing your habits.
Changing habits can and will take time and it can also be overwhelming. Start with something that is easier for you and add a more difficult thing when you are used to the first change. Having learned it completely, so you do it without having to think about it. Start also by adding some easy exercises. This can be done by taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Or by taking an evening stroll. Walking in-home when looking at your favourite TV show. Of course in training clothes.

Eat whole, raw foods. Organic is of course the best. Not only the taste of the organic food will be better, but it also is healthier as no pesticides are being used. Nor GMO.
The food probably will not look as good as you are used to. The cucumbers are not straight. The tomatoes are not round. The might be a spot on the apples or even a little hole with probably a tiny caterpillar in it. Take a bite around it and release the caterpillar. You can do this with the part of the apple you bit off.
Buy your organic food locally. This way you support the smal(ler) businesses and you buy food of the season. Which always is the best.

Stop eating sugar. Sugar is heavily addictive and you probably will notice it (e.g. mood swings) when you stop eating it. When you have a sweet tooth you can use a little 100% organic honey. You will get used to eating less sugar.
When you don’t like your tea or coffee without sugar start to use a little less and again a little less when you are used to the taste.

I used to drink both coffee and tea with lots of sugar. About 35 years ago I started to lessen the amount of sugar in my teas. This took me a few days to get used to it. Sometimes, when I make a horrible tasting herbal tea for my health I add some organic honey. But further no sugar in tea. Nor coffee. Although this took me a bit longer to get used to. But only a few weeks more.

Drink water, a lot of water. In many rich countries, tap water is of very good quality. When in doubt you can use a water filter. Or buy water in bottles. When you do, buy natural spring water. The plain waters are filtered the same way as water filters filter your water. Only in an enormous amount at once. Therefore when you chose this plain water, buy a water filter. There are filters to use directly on the tap. Or jugs with filters. Always follow the advice of the local government about drinking tap water.
When on vacation be careful. Inhabitants might drink the tap water as they are used to it. Yet a tourist might get sick from it. During my time as representative for tour operators, I had often sick guests because they didn’t listen and drank the tap water “because the inhabitants did so”. Losing a few days of their vacation because of scouring. You’ve made your bed, now you must sleep in it.

Depending on their size & weight women should drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Men 3-4 litres. Start with drinking 2 big glasses directly after waking up. In the night you lose water and drinking some will give you a great start to the day. When it is cold outside you can drink warm(er) water. This is also good for your intestines. I add often juice of half a lemon or lime to it. No sugar added of course. Drink a lot of water during the day. Before getting thirsty. Make it a healthy habit to have a bottle on your desk when working and drink a few glasses each hour. Refill the bottle of course.

Eat less salt, sodium. Your body will thank you for it. It might take some time to get used to it, but believe me, eventually, your food will taste better due to lessening your amount of sodium. You can use fresh herbs from your garden or from potted herbs to give your food a different unique taste.

When you eat wheat or wheat products, eat the whole and not the white versions. The whole-grain versions are full of nutritions & fibres.
Use healthy fats. Olive oils, Coconut oil. The organic extra virgin versions are the best for eating raw. Organic, not virgin versions can be used to cook with. Coconut oil can be heated to a higher temperature than olive oil. Thus for cooking coconut oil is a better choice.

I Cheated! Now What?

Enjoy it! We as humans, women, have learned “thank you all slimming product advertisements” that we only can be happy when we are slim or skinny. And that we have to be punished or punish ourselves when not following a strict diet. That only we will be happy and have a fulfilled life when we are slim or skinny.
So we diet for some time. We feel very guilty and unhappy when we are not able to achieve our goal. Even worse, gain weight. To start all over again. Beating ourselves up over and over again. STOP THIS! This is something that will stop you from losing weight.

Stop this self-criticism. Stop trying to be perfect. Stop being a perfectionist. It hasn’t helped/worked in the past, it will not now! Believe me, I am the living example it doesn’t work.

Image from QuoteFancy

So what to do then? We all recognize those cravings. It can be the time of the month, or just popping up in your mind. You need chocolate. Or something different. And you become unhappy, cranky when you are not getting it (unhappiness has 2 sources 1) You want something or 2) You don’t want something).

When you have a special craving now and then it is good to have one or two of those items in stock. Not too much. When you are in the process of learning to eat clean it is better to wait with this until you are used to your new way of eating. During the period of getting used to it, your cravings will become less and less. Don’t forget it is NOT a punishment. It is learning to eat healthier and tastier.

So you have to have that item. NOW!
What I always try is if it helps to do exercises. This helps me 999 times out of 1000. During doing the exercises, I have made a great YouTube playlist with exercises that I love to do, my mind stops thinking about the food I want.
When exercises do not help, drinking water doesn’t either and eating an apple also not, there is only 1 thing you can do. ENJOY IT!
Do not feel guilty but enjoy the food and eat it with small bites, chewing it completely. Enjoying the taste, structure and smell. And when you’ve had enough stop eating. You can do the leftover in a plastic zipper bag and store it for the next time.

Why do I say enjoy it?

For sure beating yourself up for a sidestep you’ve made didn’t help you in the past. Probably made it worse. Your body will make the hormone cortisol when under stress. Beating yourself up causes stress. Even when you do not recognize it as stress, your body will.
The Cortisol level in your blood increases.

Cortisol has an intricate relationship with the hormone insulin, which controls our blood sugar. When cortisol levels increase, the cells of our body can become resistant to insulin. In turn, this may lead to an increase in blood sugar, weight gain and potentially Type 2 Diabetes. Source
Beating yourself up for “failure” over and over again will let you gain weight instead of losing weight even when you eat much less calories than you used to eat.

Tip: Exercises will lower the cortisol level in your blood. Keep in mind though that when you sport for more than 1 hour in a row the cortisol levels in your blood will rise. Therefore it is better to sport no longer than 1 hour. And wait at least 1 hour when you want to sport again that day. Source

When you want to change your body and also lose weight you have to exercise also. Without exercising but eating healthy you can lose weight. But when you want, for example, leaner build muscles in your arms and legs you need to do specific exercises for these areas. You can learn to love exercising. Start doing the ones you like every day. At least 4-5 times a week 20-30 minutes. Add new exercises for certain areas you like to improve. Make a YouTube playlist and remember not to overdo it at once. One hour, rest at least 1 hour before starting again.
What is the 80/20 rule for weight loss?

Living a healthy life with real honest food doesn’t mean you can never eat a chocolate bar from a GMO brand you like again. Or a pizza. Although you can make very good “taste-alike” yourself.
There is nothing wrong with stepping over the line sometimes. As long as you bounce back. What important is, is that you enjoy that step and do not feel guilty. Starting to feel guilty about what you just ate gives you an awful feeling about yourself (raising the cortisol levels in your blood). Which is completely unnecessary. You are human and no need to punish yourself. No, enjoy it and after that go back to what you normally do.

The issue is that many people who want to live a healthy life smite themselves during or after doing that, after “cheating”. Don’t do that. Enjoy your chocolate croissant or your Milky Way. Allow yourself to appreciate these things. Life is hard enough most of the time.

Since I started to enjoy, consciously enjoy, food I wasn’t allowing myself to eat, I lost weight. Being aware of the fact that I AM allowed to eat a piece of chocolate or a piece of cake my neighbour brought me, and enjoy it I lost a lot of weight. I do not have a scale but in centimetres, I lost, as of today Saturday, March 13th, 2021, a total of 111.3 centimetres. According to the app Body Measurements. The clothes I wore 4 months ago are too big. I dropped for sure 3 sizes already.

What is GMO?

A Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) is modified in a laboratory, using genetic engineering or transgenic technology. It can be a plant, an animal, a microorganism or other organism. The specific DNA has been changed which can be for specific reasons. For animals to become heavier (more meat) or give more milk. Plants so that these plants will become probably resistant to certain diseases. Or so the seeds become infertile and the farmers can not use them for the next year to plant their crop.

Please notice the word LABORATORY. There are people who are saying that crops and animals are genetically manipulated by nature. Yes, this manipulation by nature has happened in the past and will happen in the future. Yet GMO is about manipulation in a laboratory, not by nature.

What is so bad by making e.g. crops resistant for diseases. Or to help cows to give more milk or become heavier?
There are a few reasons.
First of all, we do not know what happens when we have eaten this “food” for a long time.
Second, there is this horrible company called M*******, and a few big others, the company that has bought and is still buying seed companies. This company has a monopoly over seeds.

Seeds! The small components from flora being used by farmers for over 20.000 years. And now a horrible company holds the monopoly over these seeds. A company that does not give a damn about safety (see photo below), farmers and consumers. Money is their god and idol. It is NOT about being able to feed all inhabitants of the earth. There is already enough food for all of the human beings & animals on this planet. The problem is Food Waste. Food Waste by the rich almighty who throw away about 30% of their food. And overeating did by so many.

Farmers always have been collecting the seeds from their crops for use in the next year(s). Or to trade it with other farmers. Maybe even sell them.
But when Monsanto developed genetically modified (GM) seeds that would resist its own herbicide, the glyphosate-based Roundup, it patented the seeds. And it not only patented it, but it also made many seeds infertile.
And when the seeds are not infertile collecting is not allowed due to the patent.
Farmers have to buy new seeds every year over and over again. And as they, the horrible company, buy the small companies there is not much choice for the farmers. Neither for private gardeners when the trend is going to stay this way.

Do you think that it is safe to eat GMO food when a scientist from this horrible company has to wear a protective suit when touching the crop? Don’t believe their stories about this is a test field etc. Testings have been done already in their labs. Also, a field outside will be contaminated with pollution etc. etc. Therefore the only reason not to touch it without wearing clothes for protection and wearing gloves is that it is not safe to the touch.

When a crop is NOT SAFE to touch, it for sure is not safe to eat!
Don’t buy or eat GMO products!
Buy from a local organic farmer. Eat seasonal fruits & vegetables and meat from organic kept animals.

Holistic Therapy & Life Coaching

This horrible company denies it, but rural farmers mainly in the USA, are talking about being threatened by workers of this company. With lawsuits, and then not being able to win from this huge company with lots of power.
And the power it has. Not only in the USA.

In Europe it was promised by several governments, more than 1 time, to stop these practices and voting it out in the European Commission Parliament. And every time there was one of the richer EU countries, who promised to stop them, but withdrew from doing this. Only hours after telling the public the company would be stopped for real this time.
Why they didn’t vote as promised? I can not prove it, but in my opinion, it is all about money. They have been paid very well for keeping their mouth shut. Why talking about voting them out and finally keep your mouth shut? Only can be ALL ABOUT THE MONEY!

The real purpose of these companies is to control & power. Control & power over the food supply of the world. And therefore it is about money.

There is nothing wrong with money and honestly earning money. Yet, trying to overawe people to do something they don’t want to. That is wronger than wrong. Then you are evil. And not only the company itself, but also the persons who are doing this.

Corn, soybean, cotton, canola, sugar-beet, alfalfa, papaya, squash & potato are “a few” crops that are mainly GMO. The USA is the largest producer of GMO crops. Source
GM crops and foods in Britain and Europe.

When buying food in a supermarket check the labels. In Europe, it should be mentioned on the label if the product also has GMO ingredients. In the USA not.
There are many big companies, well-known companies supporting and using GMO products. I try to buy as little as possible from these companies. It is hard to avoid them I can tell you and sometimes almost impossible but I will never stop trying not to buy from them.

Source Seeds Now

In my opinion, Nestlé is horrible. Even an evil company. It’s CEO declared years ago that Water is Not a Human Right. This is one company I really, really try to avoid.
Of course there will be many people who will ask or say “So what?” When approved by the government if must be safe. They care for their people, that is what they do. Please go ahead, I am not stopping you from eating GMO food. As long as you don’t push me to eat it either.

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