HSP, Introvert & Empath

A Curse or a Blessing?

There is nothing wrong with being HSP, Introvert & Empath. As long as you learn how to handle the overload. Respect your own boundaries and not let them torn you apart. This is much easier when you only have one of these qualities.

It becomes much more difficult when you have two, or even all three (like I have). You can and have to, learn to occlude yourself from your surroundings. And that can be difficult in the hectic time we live in. Next to all three qualities, I am also an INFJ. One of the 16 Personality Types according to Myers-Briggs. That makes living in a world like ours to say at least not easy…

People who are Highly Sensitive Persons do feel everything SO much stronger and deeper than people without HSP. We feel the energy, both positive and negative, from people around us. From animals, nature, from everything. And I mean everything. And not only emotions are sensors for us. Sensors can also be light, sound or smell for example.

Often it is thought that Empaths, Introverts & HPS are the same but it isn’t. You can be an Empath and HSP but being an Extravert. So what is the difference? Are the main differences?

In Short:
Empaths are extremely aware of the emotions from all around them. Absorbing, like an immense sponge, every emotion from others. Although negative emotions have more impact on us than positive/happy emotions. All emotions can (and will) take a huge toll on the Empath. A so-called sensory overload to our brains.

Highly Sensitive People are people who process more information about the world around them. Very deeply and often things other people do not notice. This causes also a sensory overload which is exhausting.
HSP are often also Empaths. Next to being an Empath, HSP becomes often overwhelmed due to the input to all nerves. Not only emotional overload like Empaths. This can be caused by light, smell & sound for example.

The Introvert has everything to do with how a person loses and gains his energy. An Introvert loses his energy when being around many people, in a noisy environment etc. And gets his energy back in nature, by being alone or with 1 good friend.

When an Empath also has an Introverted personality then the impact can be and often will be, enormous. Draining energy due to the emotions of other people and all impressions is common. Imagine when you are all three!

If you are an Introvert who is Highly Sensitive, you might also be an Empath. Both Introverts and Empaths are likely to feel overwhelmed by crowds and loud noises. They are also prone to feeling drained and completely exhausted to the point of fatigue or becoming literally sick.

For Introverts, feeling drained is usually due to overstimulation. And whey you are HPS, Introvert & an Empath there might be days you feel not good at all. Not because of yourself but because of the draining emotions from people around you. Most of us Empaths and/or HSP learn to cope with it. Some better are han others.

Next to the fact that we will feel emotions from people around us, many of us also feel the energy from people that are not nearby. Mainly loved ones.  

An HSP also often will feel emotions from loved ones who are not nearby. Even when the relationship might not be complete as it should be at that moment.
I am in a long-distance relationship. Which is not easy to maintain. Especially not when the possibility of travel is zero already for 1 year due to Covid-19 restrictions. It is hard. Both for him and me. He is not HSP, not Introverted and not a real Empath (he does have a few of these qualities though) yet he feels my emotions. Not as strong as I feel his.

This week for example I had 1 night I only slept 1,5 hours. Lay awake for 1.5 hours and decided to go out of bed at 04.00 AM. There was something that made me think of him as stronger than normal. We were in a week after we had some difficulties due to the distance. I am good at sending energy to someone I love deeply and he feels that always, at least that is what he says, so I believe him. That day I was off, couldn’t concentrate etc. Just after lunchtime, I received an email message from him. Directly after the message came in I started to feel much more relaxed. More as normal. What I felt during the night and day was that he missed me terribly and this made me restless. I often feel his emotions. I feel anxious sometimes, his health is not as it should be. And then, like an epiphany, it is over and I receive good news from him. It cost me a lot of energy these anxious feelings. And often it is hard to explain that I really do feel the emotions although he is miles and miles away. It’s the way it is. Hard to believe but it is the truth. But sometimes it takes a huge toll on me.

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