How to Achieve the Healthy 80/20 Eating Method?

80/20 Eating Method

How to Achieve the Healthy 80/20 Eating Method?

Healthy with the 80/20 Eating Method

No-Diet Needed to Maintain Your Weight!

The 80/20 Eating Method is becoming well known lately. Why? Probably this method prevents obviously weight gain without following diets or other not easy to follow restrictions. On the contrary. You are allowed to eat anything you like. As long as you eat 80% clean and healthy. Do exercises. And the other 20%, well eat that nice piece of chocolate or pie! Yes! You are hearing it correct! No diet is needed! What’s the name? The 80/20 Eating Method! To be clear, when I talk about the 80/20 Eating Method. I not only talk about eating, but this includes also the movement of our body, the exercises.

Really, No Need to Diet? Correct, NO Need to Diet!

On the contrary, a lot of magazines or so-called famous Instagram people (being famous on Instagram is the same as being rich on Monopoly) are telling you, you don’t need to follow a diet to keep a healthy weight. There is no need to have a hate relationship with the food you like to eat. When you need to lose a huge amount of weight you have to follow indeed a diet but to maintain there is no need. Although I do not like the word diet, I rather call it a life-changing adaptation of a bad habit. As long as you follow the 80/20 Eating Method.

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Don’t Believe Everything You Read About Dieting!

Please keep in mind that these “famous” Instagram users often try to sell you items, supplements to “help” you lose weight. These people earn an enormous amount of money being an affiliate for famous and less famous brands. Many times brands that you will need to use the rest of your life to keep the weight off. And as soon as you stop using these expensive products you will gain the lost weight, and probably more. I have been there, done that. Starting around age 14, maybe 15, I began dieting. This was at the end of the 1970s. Information about the 80/20 Eating Method didn’t exist yet. Or was simply not available yet.

Why Did I Start Dieting? For Being Curvy?

And why? Was I overweight, too heavy? No, I for sure wasn’t. My hips became wider, in normal proportions, but I didn’t like this change. Therefore, I started to eat less. And instead of starting to do exercises, and I was a heavy sporter around that age. Of course, I lost weight. I for sure did. The very first time you start eating less the weight loss goes pretty fast. Yet, never at the places, you want to lose weight. And worse many times this is the start of a lifelong struggle with your weight. Dieting causes a lifelong weight issue. There it is!

Make Every Bite Count & Count Every Bite

My Life Long Weight Struggle Started With? For Sure With the First Diet…

My weight was not too high. I didn’t have a strange figure, I only became a bit more rounded. Female. At this time there was no internet, but the magazines were full of very slender women and promoting all kinds of diets. The bread diet, the yoghurt. There was a sherry diet etc. etc. In my opinion, is the biggest reason he people became overweight, is that the work we used to do daily by hand was taken over by machines. Therefore, we got more spare time. Televisions were invented. Like computers later. Private cars became available. Almost all people started to move less. And to eat much more.

The Reason for Overweight? Because We stopped moving! And eat TOO much Unhealthy Food!

Children don’t play outside anymore. No, they watch TV (and became indoctrinated, but that is another story) and play games on their computer. They don’t move anymore. But at the same amount, probably more, than before. Chips, sweets etc. etc. Parents started to work both and often, one or both, felt a pang of enormous guilt. Not being around the children. So what happened? They bought gifts. Candies, chips and other unhealthy things. No home-cooked meal anymore, no time for that. But fast food like pizza, fries, hamburgers etc. See what I mean?

Processed and Other Unhealthy Food

Second, the food we started to eat back then was almost all processed. Like it still is. Not natural anymore. Our grandparents, at least mine, maybe the grandparents of your grandparents, would not have recognized these items as food. Full of sugar, full of fat. In the meantime the “light” products became famous. Light, meaning without fat. Yet most of the time full of sugar(s). The 80/20 Eating Method works the best with biological, non-GMO, food.

Why is Sugar more Dangerous than Fat? Because the Change of Addiction to it is Real!

Magazines & doctors warned us about fat. That it’ll make you overweight. Hardly anyone warned about sugar. Which is, contrary to fat, a product that causes addiction. And withdrawal symptoms. The same as with alcohol or drugs. Yet, the sugar industry (like Big Pharma) is a very dominant and strong industry. An enormous amount of money goes on in these companies. And they will never give up on this.

Quit Your Addiction with the 80/20 Eating Method!

They, the sugar industry, prevented for many years that a natural sweetener like Stevia was allowed to be sold in Europe. Years they were able to prevent. Why? Because Stevia is sweet itself and has no calories? Are they afraid of products without calories?

No of course not, because they were and still are, afraid they would lose income. That is the only reason. Money is their king. They worship money. And imagine they would earn less because Stevia would be sold. They do not care about your health, they only care about how much money they earn. And if a product isn’t healthy it never is their fault you buy and eat it. This is “completely” your own choice. Which it isn’t when you are addicted to it. With the 80/20 Eating Method, you will be able to quit this addiction!

Why can we buy Highly Addictive Items in a Supermarket? Since the Sugar Industry is Powerful!

Imagine the white powder, sugar, wasn’t your addiction but another white powder. This is an illegal product (as it should be) and you can not buy it in a supermarket. Why FHS it’s possible to buy another highly addictive product like sugar in a supermarket? Yep, right, because of the power of the sugar industry. It’s all about the money, honey.
I know, I am a cynic.

Please note! The information on this page is solely for healthy persons without underlying disease or other issues that can cause problems when adapting/changing your food intake and/or starting to increase your exercise level.

Although the Lifestyle I promote here is a very healthy one, please consult your MP before starting!
Start feeling better and being healthy again. Use the 80/20 Eating Method!

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The 80/20 Eating Method for Healthy Living

What about the 80/20 method for healthy living? That is why you are here, aren’t you? Does it work, and when it does, how does it work? The 80/20 Eating Method?
In short: Live Healthy 80% of your time and the other 20% “you can do what you want”. Living Healthy means you eat vegetables & fruit. Best biological. Without pesticides and no GMO. Do daily exercises. No need to buy an expensive subscription to a fitness school. This is not necessary.

How to Implement the 80/20 Eating Method?

By going for a walk, take the stairs instead of the elevator. All these small things will help. YouTube offers many great exercises explained and done in real-time with many professionals. Also for free! At the bottom of this blog, I will mention some of my favourites.

With “do what you want” I do not mean you can go binge-eating until your stomach is so overfilled that you tend to vomit. Or to drink so much alcohol that you feel sick a few days after. No, I don’t mean that. you can eat some cake, fries, drink a glass of wine etc. Without taking thousands and thousands of calories. Just use your brains. Live healthy 80% of your time. The 80/20 Eating Method!

Track Your Food Intake & Exercises also with the 80/20 Eating Method? In the Beginning, Obviously, you Should!

Is there a reason to track your Food Intake & the Exercises? For sure there is!
When you track what you are eating with a good app on your mobile phone it is so much easier to find out how you can adapt the 80/20 Eating Method. And to eat healthier. Exercises should be tracked too so you know you will whether you exercise enough. I use two applications on my cellphone. From both, I started for many months with the free versions.

Apps I Use & Recommend with the 80/20 Eating Method

Cronometer I use for many years already. I track what I eat and also my exercises. It is easy to use and for an instance, you can add your own recipes and the nutrients and calories are calculated automatically. Apple & Android.

The Step Tracker from Leap Fitness Groups I am using for a few years also. I can tell you, I have used many other Step Trackers. So, why this particular one? Because it is trustable and has a few other options in the paid version too! Apple & Android.

Make Every Bite Count & Count Every Bite

From both apps, I bought the premium version after I tried them for a long time. Both are worth it. Yet, also the free versions are both very good and without the annoying advertisements, you see too much in other free applications.
Both apps can be implemented very well when you are living according to the 80/20 Eating Method.

How Did I Manage to Lose over 25 Kilogrammes, within 6 Months?

Because I started to Eat Clean… Only that? To be honest, no, it was not only the clean eating. I also started to exercise. It was the circumstances where I could do two things. Eating as I did before without exercising and probably die because of the pandemic hitting our planet. Or starting to live a healthy life again and getting my condition and health back. I chose the latter. And the circumstances, what were they?

It was the complete lock-down due to Covid-19 in the country I lived in at that moment. My neighbour cooked and cared for me as I was not allowed to leave the house. Automatically I adapted the 80/20 Eating method. No other choice as she was cooking clean and healthy.

I started to do exercises also. Just before the lock-down, I started walking before and after work. First walking only Walk at Home by Leslie Sansone. Later other exercises to train different areas of my body too. I ate everything the neighbour shared with me. This was at least 3 times a day a warm meal and often late in the evening an extra portion. Still, I managed to lose a lot of weight very fast.

A lot of vegetables, lean meat and whole wheat bread. The cleans and healthy way of Moroccan cooking. I always have been a yo-yo after I started dieting. But now, I didn’t gain weight. And now, more than 1 year later I still am slim and have a very good condition! Thanks to the 80/20 Eating Method.

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