Weight Management

I use Cronometer as a nutrition tracker for several years already. First the free version and since 1 year the paid version. In my opinion, it is the very best nutrition tracker there is!

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The best way to lose weight is to understand why you carry overweight. When you are healthy and don’t have an underlying issue or disease. Bit by bit we will work towards your goal. In a healthy manner.

Therefore, it might go not as fast as you want. But there is one thing we like to prevent. Gaining weight again. Therefore, it is important you learn to eat healthy until it is fixed in your subconscious mind.

We will choose the path that works the best for you. As long as it is healthy and doesn’t include medications, drugs etc. No strict rigid diets. As you will never be able to keep the strict regime. Yes, you will be able to keep it for some time, to fall deeper than before and getting heavier than before.

This healthy method can be counting calories, KETO or Paleo (Paleolithic diet) or the 80/20 method. Or even intuitive eating. Although this can be very difficult in the beginning.

As an experienced dieter (and certified Weight Management Coach) I prefer the holistic way. Intuitive eating or the 80/20 method. Combined with exercises. You might even be going to like them! With the support of some crystals.

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During the Covid-19 lock-down, the first in 2020, I lost almost 30 kilos by starting to eat 80/20 and also eating intuitively. It went smoothly and fast. The first few months I lost more than 20 kilos.
I have been overweight on and off. Like a yoyo, my weight was going up and down. Mainly up. I could lose weight, but keeping it off seems to be impossible.

Until this time. During the lock-down, I also started, again, sporting. And I kept doing the exercises I liked. Found others to do and I became addicted.
It now is 1,6 years after the first lock-down. I maintained my weight, still doing my sports every day. Most of the time twice and I eat and drink all I want.

Before & After Weight Loss